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Upcoming Seminar Dates

Here are some great seminar announcements for 2015:

  • May 29-31:  Weekend Seminar with Collins Smith Sensei at Lunenburg Aikikai.  Details to follow at a later date.


  • June 19-26:  Annual CAF Summer Camp with Hayato Osawa Shihan at Ryerson University, Toronto, hosted by the Aikido Shugyo Dojo.  Follow registration details for this event by visiting the Canadian Aikido Federation website (links to the left).


  • October 2-4:  Annual CAF Fall seminar in Kelowna, BC.  Details to follow at a later date.


  • October 22-26:  Bermuda Aikikai Annual seminar with Rick Stickles Shihan.  Details to follow at a later date.


In addition, we at Halifax Aikikai are currently planning a Seminar for this Spring.  Check with us soon for updates!

Weapons Seminar with Robert Zimmermann Shihan

Halifax Aikikai is pleased to once again host Robert Zimmermann Shihan, chief instructor of Toronto Aikikai, for a weekend seminar this October.
Robert Zimmermann Shihan, in kata.
  • Saturday, 10am-4pm
  • Sunday, 10am-3pm


  • Saturday, Student $40 / Non-student $45
  • Sunday, Student $30 / Non-student $35
  • Both, Student $60 / Non-student $70


To view the promotional poster, click here.